Tags are a way of flagging attributes of a performance to be made visible in the performances list next to the performance graphic. For example, a cinema may use a "3D" tag to identify screenings in 3D, and "MA15+", "R18" and similar tags to identify classification ratings on a movie.


Select Setup > Organisation > Tags from the Administration menu to view the Tags window.




Creating Tags


To add a new tag, click the New button in the toolbar. 


You will be prompted for a Label. This is the tag that will appear in the Box Office performance list and in the Edit Performance window’s Tags tab.


Having clicked OK, you will then be asked for a Description. This briefly identifies the purpose of the new tag. Click OK again.


The Tagwindow will be shown with the new tag added to the list. Ensure the new tag is selected, and you have the opportunity to edit additional attributes of the new tag.


Box Office: This checkbox is used to specify whether or not the tag will appear next to the production name in the performance list next to the performance graphic in Box Office.


Web Text: This field specifies the text that will appear alongside the performance details when booking via the web.


Ticket Text: This field specifies the text that will appear in the {tags} field if it is added to a ticket line for printing on tickets.


Prompt: When enabled, a prompt will appear when an attempt is made to make a booking for a performance that has been given this tag. As an example of how a prompt may be used, if a tag is being used to flag a classification rating on a movie, a prompt can be used to pop up a window reminding the box office operator to check ID. NB The introduction of the Web Text field replaced the function of the Patron dialogue in the prompt box. 


Click the Edit button to set up a prompt.




Tick the checkbox to enable the prompt. Fill in text boxes with the text you want to appear in the prompt. The Operator text will be used when the prompt appears in Box Office; the Patron text will appear when tickets are booked online.


Active: This dropdown list can be used to mark a tag as Inactive if it is no longer to be used, and otherwise should be Active. An obselete tag which has already been used cannot be deleted and can only be marked as inactive.

Adding Tags to a Production




Tags can be added to the production to flag important attributes relating to the production’s performances. These tag codes will appear in the production and performance lists in Box Office. They can be used to indicate information such as a screening of a movie in 3D, or to indicate that ID will be required due to a censor classification.


To add Tags to a production, tick the checkbox next to the tags appropriate for the production. When performances are added to the production, they will inherit the tags assigned to the production.