1) Create a new hold code for socially distanced seats (Administration > Setup > Organisation > Hold Codes)

2) Create a new tag for a socially distanced production or performance (Administration > Setup > Organisation > Tags)

3) Configure properties:(Administration > Setup > Organisation > System > Settings > Properties)

   SocialDistEnabled to turn feature on/off

   SocialDistSeatCount to indicate the number of seats' gap to leave between each group in a row

   SocialDistHoldCode to set the hold code used when socially distancing seats

   SocialDistTag to set the tag used to mark socially distanced prods or perfs

 4) Configure a production or performance to include the tag you created in (2) and configured in (3)

 5) Block out the rows to exclude by holding seats - so if you want to exclude alternate rows, put alternate rows on hold.

 5) Sell seats using best available in box office or online

  If the event is socially distanced (using the tag) then seats will be held on either side of each booking

  If the event is not socially distanced, sales continue as normal

  IMPORTANT: Seat selection manually doesn't result in social distancing holds

 Things to note:

 - Create a sale in BO, then cancel the sale whilst unpaid - no seats are held

 - Return a paid sale in BO - the hold seats remain held, and must be manually released