Issue : I've been logged into PatronBase for a few hours and my colleague starts on shift but when they log in my session screen disappears and re-appears on their computer. I then log back in on my computer and their session screen disappears. What is happening???

Answer : This usually affects clients using Chrome, Firefox, Safari  or any browser that is not Internet Explorer which requires an additional log in stage. The cloud hosted PatronBase system uses Microsoft remote desktop technology to connect to our cloud servers and serve up the PatronBase modules for you to access. The process typically involves a two stage login (though on some browsers it is 3 stages). 

The first login is to connect to the cloud servers, this is akin to switching on your PC and entering the username and password to start up your windows desktop. 

You are then presented with a series of icons to run the PatronBase modules. Once clicked, if using a browser that is not Internet Explorer, you are presented with an additional request to Enter your credentials (which are the same as the stage one login). Lastly you are presented with the PatronBase booking system login screen. This enables you to access the application modules.

If your session keeps moving between two computers, this means that two people are using the same details at the additional stage one request and each time the other person logs in, the remote desktop session is moved from computer to computer. This is because two or more remote desktop sessions cannot be run at the same time for the same user.
This can be an unseen issue as the user details may have been inadvertently "remembered" on each computer and so this additional stage one prompt for user details may not appear after the first successful login.

Solution : We recommend using Internet Explorer as the web browser to connect to the PatronBase Cloud. This way user credentials are refreshed each log in and the option to save credentials is limited to that attempted log in.

If you want to continue to use a different browser then in the bottom right hand side of the screen expand the system tray by clicking on the up arrow (1)

Right click on the computer icon (2) and select to Disconnect from (3)

Once disconnected click back onto your PatronBase module icon at the cloud web page 

When prompted to enter your credentials select More Choices (1) and select Use a different account (2)

You and your colleague will now be able to enter different credentials to each other in order to log on without your sessions switching between PC's. As a point of reference you will see the user credentials that were being used to log in at the top of the box (3) so one of you can avoid using those.

Further assistance on logging in to the PatronBase Cloud can be found here: connecting to the patronbase cloud