PatronBase utilises the TS Print client application to provide universal report printing support no matter what windows/Mac printers you have access to at your local site.

IMPORTANT: Before you begin the process to install the TS Print client please log out of all open PatronBase modules and sign out of your PatronBase cloud log in.

1. To download and install the free TS Print Client application go to:

2. Find the red box below on the resulting webpage

3. Select your operating system from the drop down menu

For PC's choose either the Windows EXE (2000, XP, Vista, 7,8,10) or Windows MSI (2000, XP, Vista, 7,8,10)

For MAC choose either Mac OS X (10.6) or Mac OS X (10.7 and newer) Depending on your Mac OS. If you are unsure which Mac OS you are running use the following article to find out:

3. Click on the DOWNLOAD button

4. Depending on your browser you will get the option to SaveĀ or Run the file. Select to Save the file

5. Once downloaded, locate the file by using your browser's prompts

6. Right click on the file and Run as administrator

7. Accept the regular security warnings for installing software, some may look like this, you may get others too

8. When prompted at this screen, click Next to continue

9. Accept the end user agreement and click Next

10. Click Next to begin the installation

11. Accept the default location for the installation and click Next

12. Check the details for installation and click Install

13. Wait while the installation completes.

14. When successfully installed you will see this message

Click Next to confirm

15. On the final screen click Finish to close the installation application

16. You can now log back into the PatronBase cloud and the PatronBase application modules

Further help on using TS Print Client can be found on the TerminalWorks website under their FAQ's section :

And of course you can always contact us if you have queries about how to use TS Print