Other ways to connect

> Windows 8 / 10 - Microsoft Remote Desktop App, [more information here]

> Windows 8 / 10 - RemoteApp and Desktop Connections Control Panel, [more information here]

> Mac OS X 10.9 + - Microsoft Remote Desktop App, [more information here]

> Android - Microsoft Remote Desktop App, [more information here]

1. Install Microsoft RD Client app from the Play store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.microsoft.rdc.android) or search "RD Client"

2. Open app

3. Click on the + and select Remote Resource Feed

4. Add the feed url : https://cloud.patronbase.co.uk/RDWeb/Feed

5. Select to add your user credentials

6. Enter your user credentials (including the PATRONBASEUK\ before your cloud account username) and replacing xxx_PBS with your details Touch SAVE to confirm

7. Touch SAVE to confirm your connection settings

8. When connections are successful Select the APPS tab on screen to see your PatronBase Modules. 

   Touch an icon to launch the PatronBase module

9. If you see a warning, select Never ask again for connections to this PC and touch CONNECT

10. When the PatronBase module log in screen appears, enter your PatronBase log in

11. The RD Client App will remember your connection settings so the next time you need to launch a module you will be able to open the app, select the APPS tab and launch the module, only having to log in to the module itself.