Occupancy is a WebHub tool that shows you how many people are in a venue. By including a barcode on tickets, and scanning these in and out at entrances to the venue using Entry Manager, Occupancy can keep track of how many people have scanned into the venue, how many have since scanned out, and how many are still inside.

The Occupancy tile features a stylised "0" when it is not active. Click the tile to open the Occupancy Monitor window.

On the left side of the screen will appear a list of performances. Performances will appear in this list when the doors open for entry as defined in the Timing tab of Edit Productions in Administration. See Editing a Production for more detail.

Entrances set up with Entry Manager to scan in tickets will increment the In number and the In venue number each time a ticket is scanned. When Entry Manager is configured for an exit gate, it will increment the Out number and decrement the In venue number whenever a ticket is scanned.

If you look at the WebHub home screen after having opened Occupancy, you will see the tile has changed to a dynamic tile that displays for a few seconds the number In venue for each current performance, in turn.