Online reporting can be useful in quickly identifying information needed while only having access to the web.

A Performance Patrons report could look like this with a Production selected from a dropdown list of those available, and a Performance selected:

Examples of a Held Seat (summary) and (detailed) look similar to below:

Both Summary and Detailed views can be saved as a Comma Separated Value (CSV) to a local PC, which is then readable by most spreadsheet programs.

Note: The date range that this can be reported on is limited to a date range of 12 Months

The Report can also show who purchased the Products by selecting the [Print Address labels] button, eg

This report shows either in Summary or by Patron use of any Discount or Promotional codes. They can be filtered by skin as well. Examples are:

In the UK customers also have a Gift Aid Sales report showing who has said that their Donation can be considered a Gift Aid. The resultant report includes all the details required by HMR&C.