If you have multiple Foyer displays running, identify each one here.

Options that can be displayed on the screen are available here:

There are two styles of display:

Slideshow can look a bit like this:

Departures List could look similar to this:

The sizing controls of the Browser, eg Ctrl+/- are available to scale the text

An optional background image can be uploaded for the Departure List view here:

You can restrict what Productions are displayed in the Foyer here:

Additional slides, such as those for advertising can be added here to form part of the Slideshow view

In the above example with Heading Text and Notes, it would display similar to this:

Note that to ONLY display Advertising slides, choose to 'Hide all Productions' in the Production selection while having the desired advertising slides loaded

On first loading the Foyer display in the Browser it will indicate that it can be shown in FULL SCREEN mode by the following message:

Clicking on the [Open full screen] button will put the Browser on Full screen mode

It can be 'Previewed' using the <Preview> tab at the top: