Next, add the Product using the Categories and Variations previously added.

1. Select Store Navigation > Edit Products.

2. Click the [New Product] button.

Fill in details for a New Product. This page is quite long, and made up of a number of sections:

Product Category

To associate the Product with a Category or categories then while holding down the {Ctrl} key click mouse on the category required. If a category is already selected (highlighted) repeating this will unselect it. Repeating this on an unselected category will add that Product to that category.

Featured Items

The 'Featured Items' Category is built in and is the default display list of Products when the Store link is selected by the Web user.


This describes the place in a list of products that this Product will have. The higher the number the closer to the top it will be. This is not a required field, and if not used then the Products will be sorted in Alphabetical order by Name.

Pricing and discount features as required. Discount can be calculated as a $ figure or a %.

Shipping is made up of two components:

  • Shipping Fee – how much to charge for shipping a single instance of the Product
  • Combined Shipping Fee – how much subsequent additional instances of the Product in the same delivery would be. So in this example if there are 2 T-Shirts shipped, the Shipping Fee and 1 of the Combined Fee would be added together
Using Variations with a Product

These headings are as setup initially in the Edit Variations section earlier

Once the headings have been created, the Variations relevant to this particular product can be added. If another variation option is needed once details have been added select [Add Row] to create a further blank row. An example below:

Note that it is possible to have more variations available that do not all relate to this product.

Select which Variations are to apply by ticking check box next to the name

There can be up to 3 images for each Product. The [Browse…] button allows navigation to the location on the PC that the image is stored.

Notes on Images

The Extended Store Front image process will reduce the physical size of the image file once it has been uploaded, so as not to unduly slow down the performance of the web page.

However it is a good idea to have an image that is not too large (recommend less than 300kb) otherwise the time it will take to upload could become very slow.

The Image gets uploaded once the [Save] button is selected at the bottom of the page

Related Productions

By selecting listed Production(s) with the {Ctrl} and {Click} the current product can be associated with them at the time of ticket purchase. See below public views.

Related Products

By selecting other Products using the {Ctrl} and {Click} they can be associated with the current Product and be displayed below that Product when it is selected from the Store

Saving the Product Details

The Product can be saved with Access attributes similar to the Booking Module options.