Setting Up Patrons

Patron Types

This field is an optional analysis for your organisation, depending on its focus, and the options entered here will appear in the drop-down list in the Personal tab on the Patron form

Setup > Patrons > Patron Types brings up the following form:

Note: The Patron Type is not a Book Type.


Category types will be best defined in a way that you will want to analyse them, however they can be defined any way that you wish, for example using Occupations.

Setup > Patrons > Categories brings up the following form:

Another idea is to use the Categories for frequency of attendance.

Donor Classes

These are automatic 'groupings' of Donors based on their donation history within a 12 Month period. The threshold value of their accumulated donations that is needed to qualify for each class is also added. In the example above, the threshold value to be a 'Gold Donor' is 500.00.

These Donor Class levels are available to query within the Marketing Module.

Contact Types

Setup> Patrons> Contact Types will set the types of Communication contact available in the <Communication> tab drop down options ion the Patron and Box Office Sale Forms:

Select whether Description is Active/Inactive with dropdown; This won't affect previously used communication notes.

To add a new Type, enter description on the row with the * and on closing the form it will confirm update of the database.

Phone Types

This is used to set up the types of Phone Numbers that a Patron can have.

Setup > Patrons> Phone Number Types brings up:

The system sets the Types that will be available; however they can be individually removed on any Patron Form. This is done by highlighting the Phone Number Type and selecting the {Del} key.

Privacy Levels

Which using the examples above give the potential to be much more detailed:

So in the above example this Patron has said it is OK for you (the Venue) to contact them but not by Phone; a Promoter can contact them, but only by email; and they do not want any third parties contacting them at all.

Note: When the Privacy is changed for a Patron, it is recorded along with the Operator who changed it, in the Patron History. This also includes if the change was made by Patrons themselves via the Web.

Online Privacy Options

If the Privacy Level Active field is set to 'Active' as shown below, it will be available in the Box Office as well as online for the Web Patron.

{Clicking} in the row will present the drop-down arrow to select from the list of options.

Although the 'Blurb' description will be shown online to explain each Privacy Level it is only a default description. This can be changed and edited to suit within the Web Module Control Panel, Web Module Settings <Phrases>.


The default for the system will present as below in the Patron Form, and can be left as such. Checked being the equivalent to 'Yes', unchecked 'No'.


Privacy Settings

However there are two concepts that can be applied to the Privacy attributes of a Patron:

  • Channels of Communication
  • Levels of Privacy

These are both set from within the Administration Module (Setup>Patrons>Channels):

If the Active is set to 'inactive' it won't appear online or in the Box Office.

States/Towns/Post Codes

The Town/City option provides a standard list of towns or cities that can be chosen system wide for patrons or venue addresses. This provides a consistent location for analysis purposes, avoiding issues due to accidental mis-spelling.

It starts with identifying the state that is needed. In countries that do not utilise states, the state will be the country, eg:

Once set at the state (country) level, the Towns button brings up:

And from there to Post Codes:

Patron Prompts

There is within the system a 'Prompt Engine' that is used to provide Operator Prompts within the Box Office module for various conditions. These currently include prompts for:

  • Book Types
  • Seats
  • Performances
  • Productions
  • Patrons

Each of these are Setup within their respective areas, however Automatic Patron prompts for given circumstances such as a Credit Balance existing, or Privacy settings not having been chosen are also available and set up here, an example could look like this: