Adding a Member

Memberships will usually be added when a membership is sold in Box Office. For more details on that procedure, see Selling Products, Donations and Memberships.

However, you can also add a member from within the Members module. To add a patron to the Member Group select Maintenance > Add Member. This will bring up the Add Member form, which is very similar to the Find Patron form elsewhere in the PatronBase system. It does have the addition of a dropdown list to select a specific Member Group the patron will join.

As in all modules, enter any known details to find the patron in the PatronBase database, then click Add to add the patron to the Member Group. If the patron is not found in the database, select Add New to create a new patron record and add them to the Member Group.

Membership Renewal Grace Period

You can set a grace period for membership expiry in Administration > Setup > Organisation > Settings > Properties. SupporterDaysGrace is used to specify how many days after a membership has lapsed that the membership benefits continue to be extended to the patron. After the expiry of the grace period (if any) the patron details pane for a selected patron will show that they have a lapsed membership. The exact wording of this indication can be customised in Administration > Setup > Organisation > Settings > Properties by changing LapsedSupporterFormat, which may include placeholders {SupporterName}, {GroupName}, and {Date}.