Booking a Standard Ticket

The standard procedure for booking seats is described below. There are many possible variations in these steps. For example, in Step 6 - Enter Payment, you can choose to split payments so that more than one patron can pay for the booking. Additional information on these variations is provided in later topics. See the topics linked to for each step.

Step 1 - Select Production and Performance

Select the Production from the drop down list:

You can also click in the Productions field and start typing the name of a production. The productions available will be narrowed down and you can switch between them by pressing the arrow keys.

Once you have selected a production, click on a performance. The seating plan will be displayed for that performance:

Step 2 - Select Seats

Select the seats by dragging to select seats or by clicking on seats one-by-one:

To clear seat from the selection, click on it.

See Understanding the Seating Plan Graphic for more information on the seating plan.

Step 3 - Book the Seats

Once the seats have been selected, click the Book button:

The Sale window will be displayed, with the selected seats listed. The remaining steps in the ticket process are carried out from the Sale window:

Step 4 - Change Book Types

When seats are selected, they are set to the default Book Type. To change the Book Type for just one seat, click on the Book Type list for that seat and select the required type:

To change the Book Type for multiple seats, click the Book Type button. The Set Book Types window will appear in which you can change the number of tickets for each type:

Here, two of the seats have been seat to the student concession price.

Click OK to return to the Sale window.

Step 5 - Find/Enter Patron

In the Sale window’s patron information fields, type in some of the patron’s information. If the details match patrons already in the system, the system will present a list of possibilities:

Entering more information narrows down the list of possibilities. Partial words are matched, so entering "forth" in the Bus/Last Name field will find Alex FORTH, Dakota DANFORTH, and Kelly SMITH FORTHINGTON.

Select a patron by double-clicking on them in the list. Their information will be added to the fields in the Sale window.

If the patron is not in the database, fill out all the information you have about them, then click the Add New button. The patron will be added. Updating Patron Details describes how to add more information about a patron.

Optionally, you can also select a Contact from the dropdown list of related patrons, if the best person to contact regarding the booking is not the patron booking the tickets.

Another optional step is to identify patrons seat by seat. Under the Attendee column, click <Unspecified> to open a Findwindow to select an existing patron or create a new one.

Click the Confirm button to confirm that the correct patron is displayed, or click the Clear button to start entering patron information again

Step 6 - Enter Payment

When the Confirm button is clicked, the Fees window will appear prompting you to add any additional fees to the booking. Click OK to add the selected fees.

If you wish to split the payments, see Splitting a Payment Between Patrons.

Once the sale is confirmed, click the Pay button to process the payment:

The Add Payment window will appear:

Select the Type and click Add. Payment information is recorded in the Sale form under the Payment tab:

Step 7 - Print Tickets

Clicking the Print button brings up the Print window:

The options you select in this window will be used the next time you print.

Once the tickets have printed, a notification will be displayed. Click OK. The sale is now complete.

The Sale window can now be closed. You will see that the button previously labelled Complete has now changed to Close.